Ex Novo Brewing

Ex Novo Brewing was the first project of what would become a broad experience base in brewery design.  Located in a roughly 7,000 SF former lighting factory, the space presented a unique but desirable set of existing conditions which lent themselves exceptionally well to use as a brewery.  Ringed on three sides by an existing open mezzanine with an open center, exposed trusses, and a large central opening, the space was laid out to foster a  sense of intimacy and enclosure for the tasting room, while allowing an indoor/outdoor experience with views to the adjacent public park by virtue of an oversized glass overhead door.  Nestling the brewery’s production equipment and full kitchen under the existing mezzanine allowed the central space to be open and filled with dramatic pendant lighting, while still enjoying glimpses of the brewery’s tanks beyond.  Throughout the space, salvaged wood presents itself in the form of site-reclaimed wood which comprises much of the bar furniture, as well as wall paneling reclaimed from old cedar fencing. Credit: Project completed while at SUM Design Studio.  Role: Project Designer and Manager