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THESIS Studio was founded in an effort to make design accessible to individuals and organizations at all levels.  Committed to tackling small projects with the same commitment and rigor as large ones, the studio believes an elegant solution lies around the corner of every design problem, regardless of budget or scope.

In the educational sphere, the Thesis Studio is the culmination of every designer’s journey.  It draws upon and challenges every fiber of the designer’s being, and while often associated with sleepless nights and frustrating hurdles, it is often referred to as “the most fun” a designer will ever have in their career.  THESIS Studio, as a practice, draws its name from acknowledgement of the multi-faceted challenges in the field of design, while remaining unyielding in its resolve to not relinquish the pure joy of creating.

Providing a diverse range of design services:

  • Accurate, fast as-built drawings
  • Permit sets
  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • New construction
  • Dormers
  • Garages
  • Custom casework design
  • Unique outbuildings – saunas, pool-houses, etc
  • Complete Design Review, Land Use Review, and Historic Review services
  • General hourly design services
  • Accurate, fast as-built drawings
  • Permit sets (under 4,000SF)
  • Code review and analysis
  • Complete Design Review and Land Use Review services
  • Office and commercial space planning
  • Interior finish selections
  • Custom casework & millwork design
  • Master-planning
  • Accurate, fast as-built drawings
  • Zoning code analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial proforma consulting
  • Project management
  • Construction administration/GC
  • General hourly consulting on all residential investment projects
  • Accurate, fast as-built drawings
  • Square footage calculations
  • Compelling 3D renderings and visuals
  • Commercial marketing collateral and floorplans
  • Leasing fliers
  • Residential listing marketing collateral
  • Consulting during leasing process
  • Complete space planning
  • Workflow design consulting
  • Specializing in Breweries

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